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2018 New Years’ Interview with Mariko Senju : #03

2018/1/30 UP

In the 3rd part of the Interview, we have asked about her thoughts on music in depth.

<Part 03>

ーAre there any differences in a concert and a recording ?

A concert and a recording is completely different. A concert is a once in a lifetime opportunity and instantaneous, and I play so that my heart can get as close to the audience as possible, sharing the moment together. It is like confessing the truth of your heart, the feelings and expression of that particular moment.
A recording is where the approved takes remains eternally. The sound you make is instantly frozen to be kept for life. Unlike in concerts, the sound never goes away. It is most frightening.
It is almost like a prayer. Prayer of life, prayer of a human being, prayer of playing for God.
At my very first recording, I shivered as I was so frightened about this fact, and could not make a sound. I could not play music when I felt that neither of these were my “eternal sound”.
Now, I try to be innocent and pure as possible. If I start thinking too much, idle thoughts take over in my sound which disturbs me so much. So, it is important for me to feel innocent and
play pure music.

ーIn that sense, is it easy for you, or you can be yourself with unaccompanied works?

There is nobody but yourself in unaccompanied music, which is all about you, the concentrated you, yourself. So, when playing those pieces, you kind of make up your mind in a good way to confront yourself.
When you have someone else to play with you, you need to find the best timing together and make the best moments together but in unaccompanied works, it is all up to you, so in that sense, I do like unaccompanied works.

ーAre there any repertoire that you would like to take up ?

I would love to spread my repertoire to a wider area. There are still many more wonderful unaccompanied music that I have not yet done, and I am interested in playing violin music which children study when they are young. Also interested in playing and finding music that are not originally for violin but pieces that are familiar to everybody. Finding and arranging such music might be something that my audience might like to hear.
Also, the Olympic Games in Tokyo is approaching, so I would like to explore various possibilities.

ー2020 , the year of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, will also be your 45th Anniversary since your professional debut as violinist.

Yes ! I don’t know if I am supposed to mention that !
I am sure that time is going to fly like an arrow. I need to keep training my body to get stronger. Muscles do get weaker if you don’t take care of them. So that is why I am trying out much sports but as soon as I get lazy, you loose your fitness. But if I do enough sports and eat meat properly, I feel fit and my fingers move so well. Also I can concentrate better.
I will have to be prepared for the anniversary year.

ーLastly, please give us the message to your fans.

I really would like you to come and hear me live, in concerts.
Each concert is different and is the art of once in a lifetime, which disappears in an instance.
I really would like you to feel that together.