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2018 New Years’ Interview with Mariko Senju : #02

2018/1/15 UP

In this Interview Part 2, we have asked about how she keeps fit to carry out her best performances.

<Part 02>

ーIn Interview Part 1, you told us about your efforts to charge energy to play the “Duranty”.
Could you please tell us how do you actually keep fit in your daily life ?

I think many of you might know already, that my specialty is, I take 3 raw eggs every morning for maintaining a healthy body! I am still doing this. Also, just before concert performances
I drink honey. I just look upwards and take it from the bottle. With honey, I feel that my brain refreshes. So, it is raw eggs and honey for me. I also like eating a lot of meat, mostly beef then
pork and chicken. I eat quite an amount. The biggest portion I ate at once is 450 g !

I go swimming about twice or three times a week and swim at least 400 – 500 m, and more than 1 km when I can. I was able to do only breast strokes before but have learnt to freestyle (crawl) as I heard that it is good for your shoulders. I started freestyle from the beginning of last year and at first was only able to swim 50m but now I can go for 500m.
My next target for this year is to swim 1 km in freestyle.

I also go walking, do Yoga and Pirates, go to the gym and do dumbbells, and also pressurized muscle training.

ーWow, that is a lot ! You must be an enthusiast.

Yes, my brothers always keep saying “Mariko, you are too enthusiastic about everything. You should stop doing them too hard.” and also “You eat too fast, you should slow down!” but somehow my brothers’ words don’t get to me. It goes straight out through the other end of my ear. The frequency does not seem to match. (laughing)

ーYou also like drinking wine ?

I am getting weaker with alcohol now. In my twenties to thirties, I was able to drink endlessly , I could drink for ever if I wanted to, like 3 to 4 bottles in a day.
Now, drinking wine and relaxing, watching television after a concert is about my only pleasure which I really look forward to. But I don’t drink as before. It is impolite to the wine. (laughing)
Nowadays I can only drink half a bottle or about 2 glasses . I love lighter stuff too, like white wine and sherry. I even drink Shochu. I have changed quite a lot. Also like Beaujolais.