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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

November , 2022

Once in a while, I feel like decluttering my stuff.

I feel that single people like myself without any children or husband, need to organize their belongings, because if anything happens suddenly, remaining relatives will have to tidy up and throw away the belongings left behind.
I have the feeling of wanting to keep things from the past, so there are things that mean a lot to me though it would be nothing to others.
There are things that you can declutter and things that you cannot.

What can be decluttered are clothes to start with.
I have heard that if the clothes are not worn for 1 or 2 years, then, they should be thrown out, but I don’t feel that way. Sometimes when I pick up and try on a clothe from 10 years ago, I can still wear it and it can look good. I can wear them as my body shape has not really changed.
I feel like keeping things when I discover such things.
So, I guess the correct way to declutter is to be bold, and so I called a recycling company who would buy old clothes.
I feel relieved to know that they are willing to take them to make good use of them, rather than the idea of making money out of it.
I asked them to take away my very old clothes before I started thinking and worrying about it.
The difficult things to get rid of are diaries and memorandum notes with all the thoughts and worries that I wrote at the time, but one should really tidy them up. It makes you think why you wrote them in the first place but when you write it, you cannot imagine of throwing them away. So, you need to make tough decisions.

As for photos, I sometimes need photos from the past so I cannot throw them away, but once I start sorting them out, it recalls the memories, and I can never finish the task! I secretly start feeling emotional and feeling lonely and so on…
How about shoes that you’re not wearing anymore.
Shoes that you’ve bought because you liked how they look. But when you try them on, they hurt your feet and you don’t wear them. For some reason, you feel that you might be able to wear them someday, but that day will never come, and instead of giving them away, you put them back for keeping.
I sometimes use flea market applications to sell items to people I don’t know. But I also think that I should not sell dirty things and things that not good quality, so I can only sell things that I ‘m confident with.
Of course, they are sold at bargain prices. It takes a lot of time and effort to pack them for sending, so I can only do this when I have spare time.
Therefore, I have no choice but to ask a vendor to do it for me.

I feel helpless about myself and wonder why human beings live with so much waste.