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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

October , 2023

I wasn’t fond of coffee before.
I think I didn’t like coffee until I graduated from university as I never drank coffee thinking it tasted good. Whenever I was out socializing or in meetings, I used to ask for coffee if everyone else ordered coffee as I didn’t want to trouble them by ordering something different like tea or juice.

I think it was probably when I was over 40 that I started to feel coffee was delicious.
When I visited my friend’s house, she drew coffee from beans, carefully put the coffee powder into a paper drip machine, and brewed it for me.
She first poured in a little bit of boiling water to steam. After a short wait, she poured the boiling water again evenly and in a thin line in a circular motion to get fluffy bubbles on the surface. Then, a really spicy aroma spreads through the room, and it makes you happy just by inhaling it. The coffee that was carefully brewed in such a way tasted exceptionally good and from then on, I started to love coffee. I learned that there are many different types of coffee, but I’m not good at anything sour, and I rather prefer something bitter.
At first, I used to prefer having it with sugar, but later, I found out that the less sweet it was, the aftertaste was more refreshing.

And now, in the mornings, I tend to drink coffee with milk or soy milk or by adding peanut milk, making it smooth.
Before performing on stage, I simply want to drink coffee, so I take it black.
Recently, I heard that coffee is supposedly good for athletes.
Caffeine in the coffee is supposed to increase concentration and slow muscle fatigue. Sharpening the nerves makes it easier to concentrate on the performance, and by reducing fatigue, it maintains endurance.
Coffee which I used to drink before performing just to “wake myself up”, tastes even better when I know that it might have a meaning. I also like drinking a cup of coffee before going swimming. I go swimming two or three times a week, especially on the day of a concert, to relax my stiff muscles. After performing, I am usually so tired and I’m tempted to drink a glass of wine and go to bed, but if I don’t swim, my muscles are too fatigued the next morning.
So, even though I am tired, I would rather swim to maintain my body condition and take a cup of coffee. Coffee makes me feel like going swimming and rushing to the gym not thinking about anything else. Caffeine also helps to convert fat into energy, and the feeling of refreshment after a swim is so pleasant for both your mind and body.

When I go for a morning walk, I enjoy stopping at a coffee stand these days. I think about the day’s schedule, write essays like this (on my smartphone), and send necessary e-mail replies, while I taste my coffee.

Once I get home, I go straight to my violin room and my day starts off.
Coffee has become a part of my daily routine.