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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

August , 2023

I feel that “walking” helps me to think clearly.
I always go out for a walk whenever I want to solve something or put my thoughts together, for example, thinking about a program for my recital, or my next CD recording.
I take a wide stride (though I have always had quite a wide stride anyway) and walk fast, in a rhythmic way (and walking fast is also my habit).

Generally, the image of walking while thinking tend to be walking slowly, but that is not the case with me. In my case, walking slowly would also slow down my thinking, and I fall into a vicious circle. So, for me, walking fast is much better.

I don’t decide where I’m walking.
I just naturally walk the path in front of me, and I find green traffic lights and cross the streets.
I do not want to stop at red traffic lights, so it doesn’t bother me not to know where I am heading.
When I am walking in such a way, I get really interesting inspirations.
Various solutions and ideas flow into my brain, and I feel the dopamine rush saying “Yes, yes…” I try to take memos on my smartphone or record voice memos to remember them.

Once I get the solutions, I rush home.
Sometimes, I have no idea how far I have walked, but I walk as fast as possible and hurry home as though I am competing in racewalking.

I do this kind of thing almost every day.
One theme that I always have would be the schedule for each day.
I try to work out the best way to spend time when I have work, concerts, and rehearsals, and I get excited thinking about how to spend my precious days off.
The luxury of being able to spend the day in any way I want makes me so happy.
All of it would be spent on my beloved instrument, Stradivarius “Duranty”. I would like to spend all the time I have to exploit the infinite possibilities of this instrument.
Life is short, as people say, and I am feeling that right now. Ten or twenty years would pass so quickly.
I don’t know how long I have left and when I start thinking about how to spend the rest of my life, I rush outside and start trotting.