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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

August , 2022
Help the Planet Earth!

The earth has been acting strangely these days.

Has mankind destroyed the planet?
I often think that it might be the time for us to pay the price for not taking good care of it, focusing only on our own conveniences.

For example, the horror of sudden, huge, and violent earthquakes in Japan, a plaece that is known as an earthquake archipelago, as well as in other countries around the word. There is also the horror of huge tsunami triggered by earthquakes, and the unbelievable nuclear accident that hit the Tohoku area in 2011, have not gone away.
Infectious diseases, such as the Monkeypox have also emerged, and yet the corona virus is still raging. It is so hard to get rid of, and we still do not have medicines that are completely reliable,
and have allowed mutants to mutate repeatedly, and strongly as though they are ridiculing the humankind. The prolonged spread of infection cannot be controlled by the wisdom of mankind, but instead it becomes a robustly devious virus, threatening everyone.

What about the extreme weather conditions caused by global warming?
Winters are getting colder, that freeze us to death, and it is life-threatening in summers, just to walk outside in the heat. It is even affecting the rainy seasons, as it’s hard to tell if the season has ended or not. Are we no longer, able to see the four seasons on earth, or rather, the beauty of spring, summer, autumn and winter, often said to be the culture of Japan? Will the gorgeous scenery of “The Four Seasons” that Vivaldi composed making the string instruments sing along to each season, only be some story that exists within the music?

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrainian civilians, hospitals, and children are being the target of attack. Horrors that are unbearable to watch, endless chaos and killing of people by people…. Even though we pray peace for Ukraine, the cruel attacks continue day and night, and the mental state of the soldiers facing gun points to each other, are becoming chaotic. The soldiers lose their precious lives because of the war, not only Ukrainian soldiers but also the Russians. Why do they fight, why do they have to kill soldiers from the other country, what kind of mission do they have to kill the civilians?

I never imagined that in my own lifetime, the world would become like this.
No one is happy, with damaged crops by natural disasters, service industry suffering from the corona virus disaster, and the slumping world economy because of the war.

When I play the violin these days, sadness of the world right now seeps out within the sound.
The sorrow in the beautiful melody is heart wrenching.
Sometimes when I see a beautiful sunset, my heart is touched but I can’t help feeling the sadness within that flowing beauty, which is quite unbearable.
If only a melody that gently speaks to everyone’s heart, is always, always sounding.
If only the finger that is about to pull the trigger, could become the finger that wipes away the tears.