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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

July , 2022
Early Morning Walk

Hot summer has arrived!

Summers have become too hot and dangerous in the past few years, with frequent torrential rainfalls and it’s getting into a real survival.
If we stay indoors all the time, with air conditioners turned on, it won’t be doing any good for our health.
As I like going out for walks, I go out early in the morning during the hot summer.
In my student days, I never could wake up early, but I have gradually become an early riser. Nowadays, even when I want to sleep late in the morning after a hard day’s work, I somehow wake up just after 6 hours.
At such times, I wake up as I usually have slept deeply.
Once I get up, I want to go outside for an early morning walk.
The empty streets look so fresh, and I move my arms and legs around as much as I can, walking along the quiet promenade. I feel positive in the clean and fresh air, and breathing in a chest full of oxygen, it makes me feel that each of the cells in my body is waking up one after another.
As I walk, I see people jogging. Early morning jogging must be nice, but they might get too hot so soon. Jogging in the summer is hard. I often get so worried about the joggers that they might fall after sweating too much, and they also need to be careful to avoid heat strokes. So, I watch out for their expression on their faces though I ‘m a total stranger to them.
As for me, I walk in my own pace trying to wake up my still half-asleep body. I come across a group of people doing Tai Chi.
Tai Chi’s movements are strange. They move so slowly, don’t they? It must be hard to get used to it, to be able to move correctly but it must feel good once you get it right. I honestly feel like giving a try, but it would be hard to learn on my own, and you need to join a group to be taught which would be a difficult task for me. There seem to be classes in gyms but if I join such classes and get busy at the beginning, it would be hard to continue being an absolute beginner.
So, walking is ideal for me! I walk without deciding where to go, with no plan at all, before it gets too hot.
There are no worries even during the corona disaster as there is no one around, early in the mornings. When I am outside, where masks are considered unnecessary, I carry a mask in my hand and quickly put it on when I pass someone, or I would feel uneasy. But early in the morning, no one is around so I don’t need a mask.

I look around for trees and flowers while walking. Even in the centre of the city, you can find plenty of trees if you watch out for them. I walk around parks and narrow paths, shrines, and temples…. Watching the swaying leaves of the trees, feeling the outside air before it gets hot, I recharge my energy for the day.
On my way home, I enjoy drinking iced coffee in a coffee shop and think about what I would do that day if I don’t have any work to do.
Looking at the gradually shining sun, it’s time to go home.
Such early morning walks in mid-summer are highly recommended!