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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

May , 2022
Little Flowers’ Wishes

The spring breeze gently caresses our cheeks. Breathing in plenty of air has become something very luxurious during the Corona disaster. After a long time, walking slowly along a path with only a few pedestrians is such a precious time.

Embraced by the soft sunshine, there are small, wildflowers glowing with beautiful aura at our feet, on our usual walking paths.
Those vivid colours were probably created by God, flowers after flowers, take your heart and do not let go.
I stop and put my face closer to the flowers.

The flowers on the roadside bloom so beautifully, even though they may never be noticed by anyone. They seem to be expressing their joy of life with their whole body and it seems like they are carrying their carefree lives in each of their petals.
This gentle time of the day, enjoying walking and loving those pretty flowers… Even in those moments, I suddenly feel the emptiness, thinking about those people who are fighting against the harsh and difficult times. The cruel sight, and the terrible reality never leaves my mind, no matter what I do, no matter what time of the day it is.

I feel happiness while enjoying the wildflowers, but at the same time, I feel terribly sorry about it. I feel sorry for being happy.
The thoughts of the people in Ukraine who are trembling with endless fear keep flowing into my heart.
The hungry people who are unable to escape, just have to hide their breaths. Elderly people, young children, men and women.
The despair and sorrow of people who have had their beloved parents, children and friends killed in front of them.
And yet, I cannot do anything about it, and I feel frustrated.
When I look at those beautiful flowers, my eyes naturally get hooked on yellow flowers. How beautiful yellow flowers look against the blue sky.
It makes me want to deliver those flowers to the people in Ukraine. I want to deliver the innocent and beautiful flowers to the hearts of people around the world who are wishing to be happy.

Why are the people who are currently attacking cannot stop pointing their guns to the civilians?
Why is it that they do not stop but go a step further to do impossible actions? Who can ever stop their thinking processes of becoming inhumane?
When I saw the footage of an old woman shedding tears on the TV news show, I felt unbearable pain.
“I’m so scared, so sad, I want it to stop and want to go home.”
I can’t get her words out of my mind.
All I can do is play the violin, and I feel ashamed of being so helpless.