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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

July , 2020
Instagram Debut

I stopped using feature phones!
Also stopped “Garaho” (Galapagos smartphone)!
With a sense of defeat on my back, I reached out for a smart phone.
My God, I’m ashamed of myself.

There are several reasons.
The device as a means of social interaction in the coronavirus disaster. In the midst of a life of self-restraint, various services available on the smart phone, such as online-shopping and meal delivery, have taken the centre stage, and I felt alienated. Furthermore, the smartphone as a means of receiving emergency information transmissions.
And, above all, time.
We need time to switch our minds to using the new device, the smart phones. We need time to understand it, to get used to it, to learn and remember it one by one.
Normally, when I have multiple concerts a month, or even a dozen or so, I want to focus on just the performance. I live in a world where I cut out and cut off everything else. At times like that, I don’t feel like switching to smart phones, nor can I make up my mind to do so.
For good or for evil, I have the time now.
After all, all the concerts have been cancelled or postponed from March to the summer, so I do have plenty of time.
I practice every day and I’ve got used to cooking for myself. Still, the absence of the concerts gives me some spare time and energy.
So, I have switched to the smart phone!

I have also made my Instagram debut, quite in a cheeky way!
I’m at the stage where I’m slowly inching my way through, using my smart phone.
Before and after the “Corona”, I think there are things that need to change and things that shouldn’t change.
Music, especially classical music, has been around for hundreds of years. It has remained because it is necessary for humanity.
The invisible thing called the heart, the invisible thing called music, the invisible thing called kindness, the invisible thing called thought.
What you can’t see is what the Little Prince taught us is important.
On the other hand, I think we need to have the tools to respond to this social change. I also felt that I should accept the parts of myself that need changing, with an open mind.

I want everyone to be surrounded by the sound of Stradivarius’ and Duranty’s music in the concert hall, and my thoughts for that wish is overflowing.
I’m trying to make “Mariko Senju” feel more familiar to you via the Instagram, one step at a time. I hope you you’ll enjoy it!

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