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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

February , 2020
Memories of NHK News Show

There was a party to celebrate the “Sotsuju” of Mr. Hisanori Isomura, who was the popular and successful anchorman of NHK-TV’s new show. It means that he has turned 90 years old. I adjusted my schedule to attend the party as I wanted to see him and the NHK staff after a very long time.

My first encounter with Mr. Isomura dates back to 34 years ago.
I had just graduated from University and was in the phase of taking time off from the violin, struggling to be able to face my instrument again. I had experienced significant difficulties in my twenties and that was when NHK somehow offered me an opportunity for a big news show.

I was not so sure, but it was my parents who pushed my back to go for it.
“Go and learn from them, the deep knowledge, and experience various aspects of life that you will need in your future life as a musician,” they told me, and so I took a step forward.
The chosen overseas correspondents, young producers and directors gathered to the news show under Mr. Isomura, and the “World Network – The world now” had started.
It was a two and a half-hour news show and was on-aired once a month, and I was introduced as the sub anchorman standing next to Mr. Isomura, but being out in a different field, I was so insecure and behaved in an unstable manner. Mr. Isomura, the producer and the staff, all gave me detailed advice, and that was how I could stand in front of the TV camera. Mr. Shima, the famous Director of NHK, told me “I heard that you are a violinist, but if you appear on this news show, you need to work on it seriously, and you might as well consider quitting the violin.” The chief producer of the show quickly denied it by saying “There is no need for you to quit the violin” and made me relieved.
Every month, I went abroad to cover the news and I was in charge of the cultural section. Each time, I had to see with my own eyes, feel, and report the news in my own words, working together with different producers each month. My task was to write a report of 15 pages (400 words x 15 pages) and the program was edited according to my story.
That experience truly taught me how to write and speak.

It was nothing but a touching moment to see the “Isomura Family,” whom I am so grateful for. Mr. Isomura whom I met after so many years, seemed so young and was such a dandy in his looks and his talking, and reminded us of the days when he was the anchorman. His wife is also so wonderful and I admire her as my role model. Many people who gathered to the party had gray hair, but they were all aging wonderfully. I deeply felt that 34 to 35 years had passed since those days.
So many things happen when you live a life, but once they pass by, even the most painful experiences and the suffering, become dearest memories.When you are suffering, as long as you face forward and make the best out of it, then, you can feel refreshed in your later days.
So, let’s keep moving this year too!