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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

May , 2019

I’m into Hot Yoga, these days.
But I can only go about 3 times a month. I am too busy and don’t have the time to go but whenever I do go, I am really fulfilled and feel happy that I have gone.
When I get tired, I want to go and do Hot Yoga.
I have actually been doing Yoga for about 3 to 4 years. So I guess I am still in the beginner’s stage. I can’t do difficult poses and tend to avoid doing poses that may cause fatigue to my arms. So I have not yet made much progress. Generally when you make progress with Yoga, you try and go on challenging incredible poses but I am not making myself go that far. My wish is just to relieve my mental stress from my daily life and to take away physical fatigue, something in the line of stretching out exercises
I am satisfied if I can release my tired shoulders and arms, neck, hips and my muscles all around my body from playing the violin, as well as relaxing my mind at the same time.
In the gym where I go f for swimming, there is also a Yoga class. So I attend that lesson too. That is ordinary Yoga and is usually for beginners so it is no problem for me to attend.
But the difference with Hot Yoga is of course, whether it is hot or not.
It is more humid rather than “hot” and as soon as you move, you start sweating heavily.
There is no one who does not sweat after a 60 minutes class. Almost everyone becomes
soaking wet with sweat.
I am in fact, sensitive to cold and have a bad circulation and my hands and legs are always, 365 days cold which troubles me. But when I go to Hot Yoga, my body feels warm for the rest of the day.
People must think that Hot Yoga would be good in winter but not in the summer.
But it feels really refreshing in the extremely hot summer. Hot Yoga is not just being in a hot place but your muscles gets softer and loosened and therefore your blood circulation and stiffness of the body is improved.
Also, I like the words of my Yoga teacher.
“Don’t work too hard. If you try too hard, things won’t go right”
“30 % energy is just about the right amount”
“It is easy to strain yourself but is difficult to loosen up. Try to put your mind towards loosing yourself “
“Let go of anything that pops up on your mind”
She gives us just the right sentences for relaxing from time to time.
Those words of wisdom can be applied to anything.
Whenever I go to Yoga and hear those words in between my hectic work schedule, I am always able to pull myself together again.
I remember to take deep breath for relaxing, when I am on stage, in a very tense situation.
As long as you focus on the level of Yoga just right for yourself, then, I think anyone can really enjoy Yoga.