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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

September , 2018
Extreme Weather

The four seasons, the colours of each season, from spring to summer, autumn to winter, the changing seasons are so transient and beautiful. Such delicate emotions must have helped to give birth to various art form and culture.
In Vivaldi’s famous piece “The Four Seasons”, the scenery of each season is brightly and wonderfully expressed. In some Japanese songs, one can feel a melancholic atmosphere which describes each season in detail and you cannot help adoring each of them. This is truly the outcome of the delicate beauty of the dynamic, mother nature.
However, what is happening with the extreme weather of these days? It makes me feel really hopeless.
So many precious lives are being lost by natural disasters, which occur in the scale of something beyond our imagination. It is most painful, mortifying and sad.

Nowadays, we need to be desperate and frantic to perform in concerts or go on tours, and also to protect our instruments, or moreover, to protect our own lives because of the extreme weather.
As for old instruments such as the Stradivarius violins, it seems like that they are shivering, trying to hide themselves from the recent extreme, humidity and temperature and I feel sorry about it Human beings need to reflect back on what we have done to the nature, by prioritizing the convenience of advanced civilization.
Recently, I often sink into deep thoughts with the question, is it really so good to have everything being so convenient in our lives?

I often look up to the sky and think of our earth, the “beautiful planet”.
It is our own selves who are destroying the most precious earth. We do not stop searching for boosting convenience even after the depletion of the ozone layer. The earth is screaming out loudly for help.
If someone is watching over our earth from somewhere high above from space, they must be wondering, why we, human beings are sometimes killing each other and destroying the place where we live, by our own hands.
Let us be aware now! Let us stop this now and get our beautiful earth back. Let us all make efforts to do so.

It must have been good in the times when Stradivarius violins were made.
300 years before seems a long time ago, but when looking at it in the scale of space, it only seems like yesterday.
In those times when Bach and Vivaldi composed wonderful music, all art forms flourished, and Stradivari produced cultural heritages, but life must have been full of inconveniences.
But it is only us, living in the current environment,believe that it must have been inconvenient back then. After all, people have lived their own lives adapting to their own times.

It is indeed, difficult to go against our times, having experienced all this conveniency.
But I would like to urge to everyone, let us try, try and make efforts to save this beautiful earth!