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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

July , 2018

Honey is now, a definite must-have item for my performances.
I “drink” honey, just before I go on stage. I actually drink it, pouring it directly into my throat facing the ceiling, because just licking it is not enough. I take around 15 to 20 cc, a few times, so the amount would be about 60 cc for a day.
There is of course, a reason for drinking honey.
Few years ago, I went on stage for my concert in my best physical condition, but somehow I felt so tired as if my brain was melting or becoming soggy. I felt so fuzzy. So I tried out various things to make my head and mind clear, taking vitamin supplements, energy drinks, taking lots of coffee, washing my face, slapping my cheeks, taking naps, trying handstands and so on. They were all effective to some extent, but it did not solve the problem of my fuzziness or unclearness of my mind.
One day, I was watching a rented video called “SPEC” ( a Japanese movie, there is also a popular TV series) in which the heroine solves various incidents using supernatural power.
In it, there was the scene where the heroine (by actress Erica Toda) drinks lots of honey.
“This is it! “ It rang my bell, and I tried it out immediately.
On a day during a tight concert schedule, I was so tired and my brain became fuzzy again.
So, I took out pure 100% honey and faced upwards, being careful not to touch the bottle with my mouth, and poured in a mouthful of honey. A few minutes later, I actually felt that my mind was getting clearer. On stage, I was able to concentrate and could actually feel my concentration, and since, honey has become indispensable. I do control the amount to take, according to how tired I feel.
And now, honey is not just for drinking.
One day, I bought a specialized book on honey, and studied, and have learnt that honey has so many different ways of usage for good effects. First, honey is antibacterial so if you take it when you have a cold and a sore throat, trying to lick it or drink it , keeping it long on your throat, in my case, I can avoid my cold getting worse and also my sore throat is healed.
It also seems to work for preventing tooth decays and bad breath.
Sometimes I use honey for facial packing treatment which is quite good. If you feel that you have rough skin from fatigue, why not try it? Your skin will become smooth and moist!
I sometimes dip honey into my bath water. You can feel the scent of the honey slightly, which is good for relaxing as well as your skin becoming moist and soft.
So honey bath is now also my favorite.