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Essay “The Sound of the Heart”

June , 2018
Raw Eggs

How is everyone living their lives, keeping fit when the weather is so unstable?
Sudden rain and sudden hot summer days and then the cold weather coming back again. I am afraid that our nervous system could be disturbed in such conditions.
And even under such circumstances, I need to tune up and get myself into good physical condition in time for each concert.
In fact, I have several routines to do to keep up my physical condition.
My first routine is “eggs”.
You may already have seen on the TV program which I have appeared on some time ago and may have witnessed how I carry out my routine, and may have had a shock with surprise.
My routine is to “swallow raw eggs”.
I crack 3 eggs in to a glass cup and swallow them vigorously.
I have been doing this for over 10 years now.
Before doing this, I frequently caught a cold and did not feel well quite often.
I even had to be put on drips and then perform in concerts. However, I realized that a cold never got worse and healed soon after drinking raw eggs.
When I have concerts, I sometimes take 4 eggs, depending on my condition.
I now feel that I have stronger stamina and good concentration and have gained some muscles and feel very fit.
Why raw eggs then?
The first reason is because you can take them fast and easily. Just a sip would do the job. It is so helpful in busy morning times. If you think of taking a boiled egg for breakfast, you first need to boil it and then peel the egg shell and above all, your mouth gets so dry and is difficult to eat more than 1 boiled egg, while swallowing 3 or 4 raw eggs is easy and fast. Actually, I have tried drinking 6 eggs at once but it was obviously too much. My stomach felt so full after 2 to 3 hours. So, 3 is the correct portion! I found this out myself by trying it out.
Moreover, swallowing raw eggs is easy to realize because I live in Japan.
We have a custom to eat raw eggs from long time ago.
I really loved eating rice , mixed with raw eggs and a little bit of soy sauce from my childhood. It even made me happier when there were pickles and sea weed to go with the rice, and of course, miso-soup. This was the time when I felt thankful being a Japanese.!
Raw eggs are indispensable with Sukiyaki too. It’s so delicious, isn’t it?
Sweet and salty Sukiyaki beef dipped into the newly cracked raw egg. You always need white rice to go with Sukiyaki.
But of course, eggs are delicious as omlettes and as chawan-mushi (steamed egg pudding) and also good as sweet puddings mixed with milk.
But I do think that good quality eggs are most delicious, eating them raw. Oh, do you think that you cannot taste anything if you swallow it up?
No, that is not the case. Please do try swallowing them. You can actually enjoy the taste properly through your throat when swallowing them.