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2024 年 7 月
Not Thinking

what flowers are thinking

Thoughts are overflowing.
There are abundances of things, information, and fakes, and we are constantly struggling in a
vortex of thoughts. We constantly think and worry about what is right and must decide what to choose as we move forward every day…
This way of thinking is said to tire out our brains.
That is why people have started to talk about routines. You decide in advance, what to eat when you get up in the morning, what you do before an important performance, or the time of going out for a jog.
By making decisions beforehand, you can reduce brain fatigue.
Still, we cannot stop thinking, because we are the thinking reeds. Probably because Adam and Eve ate the fruit of wisdom, our “thinking habit” is hard to break.
Mindfulness which has recently become popular, is also a “method for not thinking”.
By concentrating on a simple action, you can eliminate from your mind, any thoughts or complicated decisions, things that you don’t even think of as thoughts.
First, we concentrate on our breathing, and then we become aware of our physical sensations and quiet our minds and hearts by imagining the images and sounds of the serene natural world. At first, you tend to find yourself thinking about all kinds of everyday matters before even realizing it, or you may find it difficult to get your mind off of things bothering you.
I only realized that it is difficult not to think when I became an adult.
As a child, I didn’t think that much. Children are less anxious as they have not yet experienced the various possibilities that may occur.
They are happy, sometimes sad and frustrated…and as they gain more experience, they learn to make choices. They get concerned about how others operate and start wondering what they should be doing.
When it comes to the field of performing sports or playing instruments, etc., those who were
able to perform like geniuses in their childhood being naïve and innocent, could feel afraid of failures which may prevent them from performing well, as they grow older. That is because they start thinking.
I understand this very well as I was one of those who had such an experience in my career.
When you are a child, you are not afraid because you don’t think about failing and don’t distinguish between dreams and reality. Since your mind does not get in your way, your body and soul move in a kind of straightforward way, and you succeed. Once you succeed, you just try to do more of what you really want to do.
――Just don’t think about it.
It is difficult for adults to do such simple things.
Is there any ingenious attempt not to think?
I constantly think about how to stop thinking….